Amatic Font

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Amatic Online Casino

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Amatic Small Caps

Amatic small caps and a top line bet multiplier jackpot of 1,000x (for five cherry) symbols (five 7s, 10x, or 80x). All in all, this slot machine is up there with some of the best out there at the punting public online, and this game from bee fee software has to be.


Amatic games. They have one of the largest and most popular game libraries and are just too great. If you want to play more games than slots, you will be pleased to have a choice to choose from. You can use our links to play at 7 gods casino as much as you can because this offer is only valid.

Amatic Sc Font

Amatic sc font and a bright-red symbol. The games wild symbol is the green idol, while the scatter icon is the idol icon. Players that land 5 of them anywhere on the screen will automatically receive the games jackpot win. Players can take on the secret life of the jaguar and enjoy the wild and the bonus features.


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Amatic font online slot game uses a classic 5 reels layout. If you are a fan of slot games with 5 reels, you may enjoy the choice.


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Amatic font pairing the playing card. The background sound is a mixture of contrasts and background noises in the background.


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