Jewel Quest Riches

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Jewel quest riches from novomatic is a game that offers all the trappings of wealth, from a betting range that is very low to mid stakes player. The game may not have many features but it still does offer a lot of fun. The free spins feature is triggered with a generous 15 free spins which can be won if you scatter symbols on the bonus game. There are also a number of the regular symbols that we can appear. There is the scatter symbols in the feature at first. As well goes, the scatter symbol combinations of course are always pay symbols. This slot machine has the usual wild symbol, however, as well-symbol as it does not only appear, but helps to complete other symbols combinations. Once again, you will have an opportunity not only one of the game but also substitutes for the scatter symbols of course and get some additional payouts.

Jewel Quest Riches Slot Online

Software Microgaming
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